Alex Epstein


Who is Alex Epstein?

Alex Epstein is a community and political advocate for Climate Justice and Environmental sustainability. He is currently working with local nonprofits and businesses to make the West Coast a global leader in Clean Energy while helping to lift up disadvantaged communities. In his free time, Alex is a part time entrepreneur, amateur video producer/director, musician, and malt liquor enthusiast. He spends his free time with friends and family in the Seattle area making beautiful things and giggling.  


More fun facts

  • Alex plays 3 instruments, none of them particularly well.
  • A monkey stole his water bottle when he was 17.
  • Alex makes and sells custom terrariums with a local glass blowing artist.
  • Alex is an original member of the famous Friendship Alliance of Greater Seattle.
  • He's been super into you since middle school, and never had the guts to say it until now. He loves you.


Alex Epstein's daily questions for Siren members

Bernie, Hillary, or Donald?

We all want our cell phones and dating apps, so how do we solve our lack of resources and keep the world electrified?

Describe Prince's music in 5 words

What does liberty mean?

What's the most important change we need to make in the USA to close the gap between the poor and the rich? 

Do you still live in the city where you grew up? Why did you leave or stay? 

What are Donald Trump's motivations for running for president?


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