Alisha Roney


Who is Alisha Roney?

Alisha Roney is a renaissance woman - running with Lions while singing of what's to come. When she's not writing music and creating sounds with her band FEATHERS+EYES, she's eating snacks, imagining her bike is a motorcycle and tending to her many cacti, all the while keeping a keen eye out for unusual cloud formations. 


More fun facts

  • As a child she was obsessed with hula hooping while reading. (nerd alert!) Now she can hula hoop for hours while walking, talking and going about daily tasks. NOT AS USELESS AS IT MAY SEEM.
  • She's picked up cross-stitching which may seem old-fashioned, but she bring it up to date by sewing the edges of pillowcases with phrases like: "hustle", "puff puff pass" or "bitch don't kill my vibe."
  • She's a quarter Irish, a quarter Native American, a quarter Black and a quarter Portuguese.
  • She lived in Kaua'i for many years and thus is a bad-ass surfer and proud of it!
  • She loves to explore the ignored instruments, but usually only learns one song on each of them-"Oh Susannah" on the harmonica, "Edelweiss" on the theremin. Don't even get her started with moogs, harps and accordions!


Alisha Roney's daily questions for Siren members

Some teens these days are licking each others eyeballs. But WHY? What is something that is "all the rage" you can't help chuckling at? 

Where is your favorite place to hear yourself think?

What should always be loved? 

What's an offer that you would always turn down?

If you could send one film to an alien species that represents the human race, which movie would you choose?


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