Amanda Manitach

Who is Amanda Manitach?

She is an artist and the art editor at City Arts Magazine. 


More fun facts

  • I have no tattoos.
  • I was born in the same hospital room and bed by the same doctor as my dad,(26 years apart).
  • I used to have lots of pet rats.
  • I went blonde three years ago because I'm obsessed with Yolandi Visser.
  • I have never been pregnant.
  • I love Lil Wayne.


Amanda Manitach's daily questions for Siren members

Followed by her own personal answers!

What's the most played song on your iTunes?

Kanye’s Life of Pablo album.

You found a magic lamp and get three wishes. What are they?

1) That I could bring my mom back to life for a day so she could see how my life turned out. 

2) Gun control

3) 1 billion bucks after taxes. (Does the genie tax wishes?)

Your favorite smells.

All Things Lavender Portage Bay Beard Oil in my boyfriend’s beard. Seriously: if you have a beard, stop what you’re doing and buy this catnip.

What's a fantasy you've never lived or played out?

Driving a lambo. 

Describe the last dream you can remember.

A stress dream about my forthcoming art opening. I was having to replace the plexi in one of my large pieces and the drawing started tearing to shreds. I was devastated. Then I discovered all these other forgotten drawings hidden underneath the original drawing, so it turned out ok.


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