Benjamin Caudill


Who is Benjamin Caudill?

Benjamin Caudill is an entrepreneur and founder of IT security firm Rhino Security Labs. His recent research have been featured on CNN and The Washington Post.


More fun facts

  • Most winter weekends I can be found snowshoeing in the mountains
  • I spent 6 weeks hiking the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil
  • For work, I hack into (and help secure) computers for major companies
  • Last year I went skydiving for the first time
  • I spent a full summer day in China hiking the Great Wall
  • I'm a master of laser tag


Benjamin Caudill's daily questions for Siren members

You've been given a time machine - when/where do you want to go right now?

What are you really excited for in 2015? 

How would a 5 year old describe your job?

What is one of your biggest accomplishments of the last year?

What animal might represent you and why? 


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