"Having an All-Male Team Isn't Good for Any Company" - Susie Lee on KUOW

It's not just about the diversity in the room, it's about the ideas that different kinds of people can bring to the table.

Siren's Susie Lee in the KUOW studio with Bill Radke

Siren's Susie Lee in the KUOW studio with Bill Radke

Here in Seattle, there's kind of an old-boy's network, and while they sometimes give lip service to diversity, their actions I think speak louder than their words. It's still very very difficult for women and people of color to get funding, and if they do get funding, it's because they're far advanced beyond where they should be, being a start-up. I think some of the bravado and weird machismo I see in San Francisco, I see a little less of that here, but the tendency is still that, when I go to, say, a CEO dinner, there will be forty men and two women. 

Our CEO and co-founder Susie Lee recently spoke with KUOW's Bill Radke about being a woman of color in the white-male dominated world of tech startups. Catch their conversation here!

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