Meet KEXP DJ, Producer and Host Sharlese Metcalf!

Sharlese Metcalf with her cat Sade. Photo by Brooklyn Benjestorf.

Sharlese Metcalf with her cat Sade. Photo by Brooklyn Benjestorf.

This week's Question of the Day host on Siren is KEXP Events Coordinator, host and producer of the Northwest music show Audioasis, and DJ of Expansions Sharlese Metcalf.

Sharlese is a tireless champion of Seattle music who has interviewed countless artists in her career, so we decided to interview her back, using some of our most popular past Questions of the Day as springboards for conversation.

What do you say when people ask, "what do you do?"

I usually say I work downtown and then they say where and I say Queen Anne and then they say where on Queen Anne and I say KEXP and they say I love that place and I say, I do too =)

What are your favorite smells?

I die over the smell of rose and lavender and can't resist the smell of pizza!

Describe three must-haves in your dream house.

Full DJ shrine with all the goodies and a dance floor, chill out room that's super comfy with beautiful dark colors to help you relax, yoga and meditation room with mirrors and windows!

The best midnight snack is...

Cheese quesadilla

How do you feel about kids? 

I would like to have an entourage!

Tell the story behind one of your scars or tattoos.

I decided to get seven tattoos all over my body that would represent Dragon Ball Z. If you have seen the cartoon, then you know that seven dragon balls have been scattered around the world and if you're lucky enough to find all seven then you summon the dragon Shenlong that will grant you one wish. Well, I have always hoped to be someone's wish and so I put seven stars around my whole body. Also, I have a strange attraction to dragons so there's that too. ;)

 If you could instantly learn a language, which would you pick and why?

French, I guess. I tried to learn in high school, but I seem to buy a lot of French vinyl because I think the language sounds cool. I feel the same way about German as well.

If you had to describe your personality in a single word, what would it be?

I can't do this in one, so I'm breaking the rules and giving two. Awkward, Charmer <3

What role does religion or spirituality play in your life, if any?

I went to church my whole life as a non-denominational Christian. It was something that was really important to my mother, but as I got older, I stopped going to church. I guess it was because I had to work on Sundays to survive. Now, Sunday is one of my only days off, but recently I had a horrible dream that depicted hell and I have been thinking about how I couldn't get back to sleep because I was scared to think about it. I'm 38 and that's a real thing to me. I meditate and do yoga as often as possible and it's important to me to be comfortable in my own skin and love myself. So as of right now, I'm dealing with my fear of hell and loving myself.

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