Siren Is a Completely Different Kind of Dating App. Here's How It Works.

Ready to try Siren, but unsure where to start? We created this handy tutorial to help answer questions new members might have about how the app works. Follow these steps and you'll be meeting interesting people in no time!

Siren is a completely different kind of dating app. Here's how it works. [Tweet this]

1. Create A Profile


The first step to any dating app is creating a profile. On Siren, your profile consists of photos, your tagline, information about your gender identity and who you'd like to meet. (This information can be edited at any time by accessing "My Profile" in the nav that opens from the top right corner of the app.)

That's where the similarity to other dating apps ends.

Unlike most dating apps, Siren gives you the option to blur your photo, providing a layer of privacy for those who want it. (As soon as you establish a connection, your photo will appear unblurred to the person with whom you're connected. Can you imagine meeting someone on the basis of their personality alone? On Siren, this is entirely possible!) 

How you identify your gender is completely up to you. Woman? Man? Non-binary?  You are not limited to only one option, and what you select here will help others find you.


PRO TIP: Want to clarify information related to your gender or sexual orientation? Your tagline is the place to tell other members what you'd like them to know about you up front.

2. Select your filter settings

Just as your profile determines who can see you, your filter settings (located under "Settings" in the right hand nav) determines who you can see in the app. The wider you set your filters, the more people you'll see. This is also where you can set up push notifications to alert you to new activity on Siren.

PRO TIP: If you don't see anyone, try widening your search parameters. Our community is still growing, so depending on where you live, it's possible that there aren't people in your city on Siren yet. If that's the case, you can help us gain traction by following and posting about us on social media! 

3. Answer Questions of the Day

Only 80s kids will get this one...

Only 80s kids will get this one...

Imagine a dinner party conversation led by a curious, charismatic host who knows exactly how to get people to share stories about themselves. Siren is the only dating app that lets you get to know new people through fun, social conversation starters. That way, you get a glimpse of someone else's unique personality, not just a static profile.

The central activity on Siren is the Question of the Day. Every day, we post a new question from a hand-picked community of artists, entrepreneurs, and other creative, thoughtful people to help get our members talking. Your responses to these questions are the primary way that new people can discover you, so use this space to let your personality shine. 

PRO TIP:  Funny, creative responses get noticed the most. Add a photo to stand out from the crowd. 

Not feeling today's question, or want to answer more? Click on "More Questions" in the right hand nav to find more questions to answer. The more questions you answer, the more chances others have to learn what makes you unique!

4. Ask your own questions

Now it's your turn! Our newest feature allows members to ask their own questions, creating even more opportunities for conversation. Select "Member Q's" in the right hand nav to browse the latest questions from other members. Only the person who asked the question will be able to see your response.

5. 'Like' other people's responses and send connection requests

Scroll through today's Question of the Day feed to see how others have answered. If you see something you like, click the heart icon at the bottom right to 'like' their response. Think of a 'like' as a flirt, or a nod of encouragement. (Only the person who wrote the response will see your like.)

Ready to see even more responses? Clicking "Discover More People" will you allow to scroll through recent responses to additional questions, with most recent activity first. 

When you find someone whose answers pique your curiosity, send them a connection request. Once accepted, you will be able to chat!

Keep track of your connection requests and messages using the chat icon at the top left corner. 

6. Start a conversation


Once your connection request is received (or you accept a request from someone else), the ability to chat will be unlocked. 

PRO TIP:  Our Questions of the Day serve as excellent icebreakers, so you're never at a loss for words!

More helpful tips for composing messages that get results here. 

7. Meet in real life

This one seems obvious, but how many times have you started messaging someone on a dating app only to drop the ball (or have the ball dropped) before you even discover whether or not you have chemistry in real life? Remember to exercise common sense safety measures, but by all means, make a plan to meet up and see if you click. What have you got to lose? 

PRO TIP: Pick out an event that might appeal to the other person and invite them to go to it with you! People are much more likely to accept invitations to do something specific than to follow through on a vague proposition like "let's get together sometime." 

8. Tell us what you think

Your feedback—good, bad, or otherwise—is how we develop new features and improve our app. In particular, we pride ourselves in being a safe, comfortablerespectful community, so please let us know immediately if you are experiencing harassment on Siren.

Likewise, we love hearing success stories. Did you meet someone wonderful on Siren? Let us know! If you're open to it, we might even be able to feature your story on our blog. 

Good luck, and happy dating!

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