Space and Other Truths: Questions and Answers from Sassyblack

"Space is the truth. It's the beginning and the end." - Sassyblack

"Space is the truth. It's the beginning and the end." - Sassyblack

Seattle musician Catherine Harris-White—better known by her stage name Sassyblack, and also formerly of the duo Thee Satisfaction—knows a thing or two about dating. In fact, it's the subject of her solo album No More Weak Dates, a collection of songs about looking for love, and loving yourself. 

We had Sassyblack answer her own questions from her week as Siren's Question of the Day host. Enjoy, and if you're in Seattle, don't miss your opportunity to hear this sexy Trekkie perform live in a LASER DOME on Thursday, Feb. 2!


You're a barista with a crush on a coworker. An old acquaintance comes in & tells an awful story about you. What do you do to their coffee?

I used to work at Starbucks and never did anything to anyone's coffee. I would still provide great service as well as take a moment to speak to the acquaintance and let them know I am a changed person. Then I would playfully refer to the awkward situation with my crush later in an attempt to woo them :)


A date drops a slur that doesn't pertain to them but is offensive to you and casually continues on as if nothing happened. How do you react? 

At first I would have to double check what they said to make sure I'm correct. From there I'd ask them why they think it's okay to say and point out the issues I have with the slur as well as why it's not appropriate to use. Depending on the outcome I would decide if I would want to continue the date or end it.

What's the best concert you have been to?

Best concert would have to Prince or Stevie Wonder or CHIC or Janet Jackson hahaha. That's more than one huh?


How does science fiction impact your life?

Science fiction is a huge part of my life being that I grew up on Star Trek & Star Wars. It's also one of my daily motivations to be my best because a lot of what was hypothesized in science fiction has inspired creations and innovations.


What's your favorite 90's sitcom & which one of your characters from that show do you most identify with?

Living Single; Maxine Shaw Attorney at Law.


What are three of your favorite albums?

Current favorite albums are" 99.9% - Kaytranada, We Are KING - KING, Off The Wall - Michael Jackson


What do you think about space?

Space is the truth. It's the beginning and the end. It's infinite and that is extremely fascinating to me