Want To See The Future Of Online Dating? Follow Us. (That's What The Other Apps Do!)

This week the dating app Hinge sent an email out to users announcing that on October 11, they will be scrapping their entire app in favor of a platform that ditches Tinder-style swiping in favor of fostering "meaningful connections." 

"Dating apps have become a game, and with every swipe we've all moved further from the real connections that we crave," the message continues. "We, as a team that believes in and fights for relationships, are over the games, including the ones we created. It turns out, most of you are as well."

Sound familiar? It might, if you've ever browsed our website, where an extremely similar mission statement can be found, right down to the "meaningful connections." 

Hinge's newly declared war on swiping also echoes our tagline #FightTheSwipe

Hinge might have swiped left on swiping, but there's one thing they're still swiping: our ad copy.

Hinge might have swiped left on swiping, but there's one thing they're still swiping: our ad copy.

Are we angry? Not really. We know Siren is a great idea, that's why we built it. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so let's just say we're extremely flattered that such a major player in the online dating space has decided to rebrand itself in our image.  

But branding is only one small part of what makes a platform innovative, progressive, and successful.

Siren's mission statement is a direct extension of who we are, a company founded by two women of color—almost unheard of in the tech world, if you're keeping track—committed to creating a platform that is more comfortable, organic, and human than other dating apps.

For us, this is not a marketing move. It's our identity. 

This is why we're on the vanguard of developing better options for our queer, transgender, nonbinary, and gender non-conforming members, and why we eliminated the vital stats that make online dating feel like "shopping for humans" long ago. We are committed to truly listening to the ways people feel marginalized by other dating apps and responding with thoughtful, dynamic tools that help make strangers less strange to one another. 

Hinge's new platform launches October 11 as a paid service. Our award-winning app has been putting personality first since 2014 and we're still free. 

So if you want to watch the future of online dating unfold in realtime—without the three-month development lag it takes other companies to follow in our footsteps—we recommend following Siren closely. 

Because Hinge's new mission statement confirms what we've known all along: we're definitely onto something big here. So big that now the big boys are trying to be us. 

Doesn't that make you curious what we're going to do next?