Siren Lives to Fight the Swipe

Have you ever seen the movie They Live?

It’s a satirical 80s horror movie in which a beefy drifterplayed by the wrestler Roddy Piperfinds a box of mysterious sunglasses that reveal the implicit content of the marketing messages all around him. When viewed through the glasses, advertisements suddenly become block letters commanding us to CONSUME, CONFORM and OBEY.

Although They Live is nearly 30 years old, its critique of advertising culture has only grown more relevant in the internet age. Our online spaces are completely saturated with marketing, and many popular dating apps are designed to plug right into that psychological pipeline. When we grow tired of scrolling through online shops of limitless consumer objects available for purchase, we can swipe through an endless progression of people we could potentially date.

The only problem is, these are human beings, not objects.

Much has been written about the “Tinderification” of dating culture; our tendency to dehumanize and depersonalize the people who are presented to us as catalog items or menu options in an online meat market rather than real human beings.

The swipe-to-reject model depends primarily on a photo. And so we primp ourselves, find flattering lighting and angle our features just right to create a better-than-life image we can use to sell ourselves online.

Tinder has turned every last one of us into a product photographer for the world’s largest meat market, packaging ourselves for presentation, and if we’re lucky, selection and consumption.

Sometimes a meat market might be exactly what you’re after, and we get that. But Siren was founded by and for people who are looking for something less superficial than the swipe. Something a little...#MoreThanMeat.

Online dating is here to stay, but our dating apps desperately need a new paradigm. The swipe is dismissive, dehumanizing, and reductive. This is why Siren has developed an online dating platform that gives members a glimpse of each other’s personalitiesperson to personinstead of just photo after photo of dolled-up hunks of flesh in an endless meat counter display.  

Siren’s Question of the Day serves as a casual icebreaker to get our members sharing stories, laughing, and discovering new people through conversation that unfolds organically, just like in real life. A connection unlocks the ability to chat—no contact without mutual consent!

Our speedier, more intuitive Siren 4.0 is launching soon, with more new features on the horizon. In the meantime, you can give our current version a try by downloading for iTunes, Android, or the web now.

You're #MoreThanMeat. Siren Lives to #FightTheSwipe.