Why January Is the Best Month for Online Dating

If there's one thing that warms the chill of winter, it's spending time with someone new.

If there's one thing that warms the chill of winter, it's spending time with someone new.

If you're thinking about giving dating apps a try, there's never been a better time than right now. Most dating apps report a surge of new members during the first half of January, giving you even better chances of finding someone new. Here's why:

January is the best month for online dating. Here's why. [Tweet this]

1. The Holidays Are Over...

Think back to the last few months. Do they seem like a blur? Between the winter holidays, Thanksgiving, Halloween and even election season, many of us have been too busy to worry about dating for a few months. All of this changes as we settle back into the routine of the year. 


2. ...But Winter Is Still Cold

Ever since we relocated to New York, we've been hearing lots and lots about "Cuffing Season"—the time of year when everyone feels the urge to cuddle up.  While this particular term belongs to African American Vernacular English, it turns out there are scientific, evolutionary reasons for the coupling urge it describes.  


3. New Year, New You

Whether you're making New Year's Resolutions or just taking a renewed interest in things you let slide for the past few months, January is often a month of self-improvement projects. Gym memberships surge; people sign up for classes they've been meaning to take, and dating app profiles that have been gathering dust get new attention. 


4. Valentine's Day Is Around The Corner

Remember when we said the holidays were over? We lied. There are always more holidays where those came from. If a date for Valentine's Day is your goal, you have one month to achieve it. (Don't thrive under pressure? Relax...there are other holidays—and weekends, and even regular weekdays—to spend with someone new in the year ahead.)


5. You're Not Alone

The best thing about hitting the dating apps in January is that there are many others doing the same thing. Increased traffic means more chances to discover someone you genuinely enjoy spending time with. It only takes a little time each day—time you probably already spend on social media—so what have you got to lose? 

Good luck, and happy dating!

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