Carmel Laurino


Who is Carmel Laurino?

Carmel Laurino is a fluid citizen of two worlds that exist on either side of the Pacific—the Philippines and the United States—both of which are bridged by Kalsada, a growing company she founded that combines her passion for coffee, community building, and global solidarity. Itinerant, enthusiastic, and curious about just anything and any person on the planet, Carmel is a natural explorer, and home is always with her, wherever she happens to be.


More fun facts

  • She geeked out when she visited Cape Flattery, the northwestern most point of the contiguous USofA. #northwestisbest
  • Her greatest achievement in life is sharing a birthday with the Queen Bey herself, Beyonce Knowles.
  • She never leaves town without her aeropress and hand grinder in tow.
  • Her first concert was All4One at the state fair grounds.
  • She likes her negronis with barrel aged gin accompanied by the best prosciutto in town.


Carmel Laurino's daily questions for Siren members

Who was the last person you sent a handwritten letter or note to?

What do you look forward in the next decade of your life? 

What helps you keep going when you feel like giving up?

Describe the weirdest thing you've ever tasted?

In an alternate universe where money/responsibilities are not an issue what would you be doing with your life?

You have a day to spend with anyone. Who would that be and why?

Tell me about a time when you recently surprised yourself- in terms of your behavior or your stance on a particular issue.


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