Cherdonna Sinatra

Dance Artist, Director, and Drag Queen

Who is Cherdonna Sinatra?

Cherdonna exists between dimentions and quantum shifts in time through everyday objects and emotions.  The subtext is the made-up surface belaying what exists beneath and the commentary of truth beyond what's advertised.  She lives for the light. 


More fun facts

  • like cats
  • Cake is good for every meal
  • Everything is always when it happens to one that was what came and how to have that
  • I like cats
  • I wish I could hug everyone in the universe


Cherdonna Sinatra's daily questions for Siren members

Describe your favorite decadent cake or dessert.

What's your favorite part of being alive?

If you were on a mountaintop what would you yell?

If you were a musical instrument, express your sound through words.

Describe a day in your life if you were a fuzzy forest animal.

The last time you blew out birthday candles, what was your wish?

If you could teach a kitten to do anything what would it be?


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