Chieko Phillips


Who is Chieko Phillips?

Chieko Phillips loves history and paper crafts and has recently joined the Photographic Center Northwest family as the public programs curator. She is an initiator, creator and manager of culture-based projects, with a strong commitment to collaboration and civic participation of museums and museum practice.


More fun facts

  • Is a material [culture] girl, i.e. she loves museums, history, personal narratives, objects and the significance we place on them
  • Has been trying to make the nickname "Big C" stick for 10 years
  • Has a deep appreciation for sea glass
  • Recently developed an exhibit about selfies at Photographic Center Northwest
  • Affectionately refers to some people of historical significance by nicknames. Her favorite is FDoug
  • Once sequentially watched the LOTR trilogy and then won LOTR Trivial Pursuit...she might still have the [one] ring
  • Has an aquatic plant named Mossy
  • Sat for photos for the first time in her adult life in September with Zorn Taylor who snapped the image above


Chieko Phillips' daily questions for Siren members

What would be on a signature burger named after you and why?

Express yourself through a series of emojis.

What is the last mystery you solved and what was the answer?

What is one thing you've done recently that you're proud of?

What accessory do you think holds a lot of clues into someone's personality?

Chris has selected you to crew his 6-month sail in the Pacific Ocean. How do you pass the time?

What is your third space and why? (ie. home, work, ______)


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