Corrie Greening


Who is Corrie Greening?

Former astronaut and master-class bridge player, Corrie made her way to the west coast using her boyish looks and deep pockets. No longer filling her extra curriculars with painting and designing, she now lives a unassuming life in the boonies of west seattle. She can take things seriously, but needs a couple of cocktails.


More fun facts

  • I have another family living in a parallel universe
  • I've had 3 birthdays which means I've been 3 astrological signs
  • My favorite material possession is my GF-777 Sharp boom box from 1984
  • I've butchered a couple of deer
  • I was named after a heavyset Dutch woman who saved Jews
  • I would eat fried bugs over head cheese
  • I'm part cyborg
  • They invented phone insurance just for me
  • I have the most talented, driven, amazing friends... Hint hint, Siren folks


Corrie Greening's daily questions for Siren members

What's something that drives you crazy but you find yourself doing all the time?

Nobody's perfect. What's your favorite imperfection?

What's going to be the biggest game changer in your industry in the next ten years?

My coworker has no idea what a B Boy is. What words or phrases carbon-dates you and your generation?

What is your go-to meal that you could never get tired of it?

To motivate myself to run, I imagine getting chased. What motivates you?

What advice would your future self tell your present self and would you listen?


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