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Until about a decade ago, the most prevalent way of meeting people was through traditional methods, such as mutual connections or talking to somebody entirely new either at work, school, a local venue, etc. Times have changed however, with dating apps poising as a serious competitor to ‘offline’ dating. The main reason why these platforms are attracting so many people is because how convenient it is to meet potential partners who are the same age as you, share the same sexuality, live nearby, and other factors that would otherwise be attractive if you met somebody offline. The issue is that even though these platforms were specifically made to make the dating process easier, it has resulted in just the opposite, with many feeling frustrated, upset, harassed, and much more.

Popular apps on mobile focused on dating for the most part are doing an excellent job of conveniently putting the structure of web version products in the palm of your hand. The problem lies within the products themselves, rather than the purpose and mission of online dating. Popular apps like Tinder and Bumble are easy gateways to being paired with people, but the process is full of de-humanizing behavior that makes finding your next date more of a shopping trip, as you swipe back and forth for the best-looking product. Would you really advocate a dating app that resembles more of a superstore than a natural way of meeting people? Neither do we. The process leads to an emphasis on the dating profile, such as having the perfect photos or the most intriguing bio. This creates anxiety and self-doubt, as you can’t always express yourself for who you are.

Users on Siren connect with each other through the process of facilitating conversation on the Question of the Day feature

Users on Siren connect with each other through the process of facilitating conversation on the Question of the Day feature

At Siren, we have created a solution that focuses on alleviating this problem once and for all. Our mission is to guide our users towards their potential partners through unique and more meaningful ways. It’s less about selling yourself through your profile and more about being yourself through the expression of your own personality. Once you log onto our app or web version, you’ll be presented with something entirely new and exciting. Our Question of the Day feature allows users to reply to an interesting question that is asked daily. Can you relate to someone’s response to a particular question and want to learn more about them? Just ask to connect with them. Participating is easy and enjoyable, but more importantly rewarding. Imagine finding your next partner based on a mutual interest that would have never been brought up otherwise. Siren is focused on online matchmaking through less of the doing, but more on the being.

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