Erik Guttridge


Who is Erik Guttridge?

Erik moved to Seattle in 1999 to blow glass professionally and, because what starved him culturally in his native Florida—a sub-tropical, sub-paradise at best—he saw plentiful in the Pacific Northwest. After four years of blowing glass he gravitated to the gallery side of the Seattle art world, curating, directing, and eventually opened Grey on Capitol Hill in 2008. Well, some landlords sucked back then too, so in 2012 he took a two-year working sabbatical on Orcas Island to regroup. He has since directed the food and beverage department at Seattle's historic Hotel Sorrento through a major renovation, rebrand, and relaunch and is currently enjoying a "grown-up" 9 to 5 job and rediscovering evenings and weekends. Photo by David Wentworth


More fun facts

  • Uses a lot of sports analogies for someone who doesn't follow sports
  • Hates seeing the word "whilst" used in a Yelp review
  • Had a race car at 19 and raced it at "The South's Fastest Short Track"
  • His maternal grandfather welded the wheels on the lunar rover used in the Apollo mission. It remains on the moon to this day
  • The school bus took him to the wrong school his first day of kindergarten
  • Voted "Funniest Senior, Runner-up" at his high school
  • Lived for two years in a reconstructed pre-civil war era barn on 9 acres on Orcas Island


Erik Guttridge's daily questions for Siren members

Camping, cabin, or resort?

If you could be part of any music scene in any place or in any era what would it be?

What kind of junk food do you eat on a road trip?

What was the best thing you ever found on the street?

How well can you read a map?

What quote, theory, analogy, or joke crosses your mind this very moment?

What are you happy to see technology replace?


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