Evan Flory-Barnes


Who is Evan Flory-Barnes?

Evan Flory-Barnes is a musician, artist, collaborator and loving citizen living in Seattle.


More fun facts

  • Evan has probably played bass in every music venue in Seattle.
  • He plays in The Teaching, a Grammy-nominated jazz group, featured on The Heist.
  • He also plays in Industrial Revelation, this year's winner of The Stranger Genius Awards.
  • This month he teaches Seattle JazzED Master Class series for 6th-12th grade instrumental musicians.
  • He wears size 15 shoes and is frequently mistaken for his bandmate and neighbor Aham Oluo.
  • He is in total adoration of his multi-talented and hilarious niece, Maya.


Evan Flory-Barnes' daily questions for Siren members

Followed by his own personal answers!

Who would you consider to be a genius and why?

I believe everyone has genius within them and I believe our culture is just beginning to learn how to facilitate and nurture the unique genius in everyone. That being said, there's an artist/musician to Jacob Collier of the U.K whose genius is self-evident. There is equal parts intellect, soul, love and playfulness in his music. And as Mozart put it "Love, love, love that is the soul of genius. "

What small, local business were you sad to see close? What did it mean to you?

The old Bauhaus café.  That old café was an institution truly iconic. It was one the places where I would take out of towners to have a quintessential Seattle coffee experience.  The view the sidewalk seating, classic. It is a shame that Seattle had no sense of the historic and cultural value of that café. R.I.P

What do you love to practice?

I love practicing music. I love practicing my songs and singing.

What do you do for yourself that keeps you centered?

I love playing bass, playing piano, exercise, having quality deep hangs with friends. 

When was the last time you walked for longer than 1 hour? Where did you go and what did you see?

Where did you go and what did you see? I walked on Alki Beach after catching the Water Taxi over there. It was fun. There are so many treasures around here. I saw people hanging, walking, enjoying themselves. I want to hang there more often.

What rules need breaking?

I feel like certain social protocols need breaking. I feel like we need more humor in life. I remember being a kid and it was all about creating scenes for the laugh. As you become an adult this seems to be more difficult and I don't believe it has to be. Also,  I believe crying needs to be embraced.

How do you best explain things? With words, visuals, music, or ____ ?

I love words. I love playing with a mix of poetry, jazz/street language. At the sometime music, particularly my own orchestral music reveals the deep feelings behind the writing.


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