Florangela Davila


Who is Florangela Davila?

Florangela Davila is a freelance arts journalist in Seattle. She misses the Sit & Spin as well as Chubby & Tubby.


More fun facts

  • Whenever I see a squirrel I yell, "Squirrely!" sometimes for the sound or my dog’s attention.
  • I'm a radio reporter. I work with a microphone nicknamed "Magic."
  • The longest play I've seen is a book -- "Cavalier & Clay." 5 hours of terrific arts and culture.
  • I curse, often and well.
  • My Birkenstocks are 25-years-old, bought in college on Telegraph Ave.
  • My dog's name is Santana Banana, named after Carlos. I also considered the middle name “Gianni Versace.”
  • I have had Olivia Popesque dinners of popcorn and red wine. I want her to spill that all over her white pants. 


Florangela Davila's daily questions for Siren members

Your must-have carry-on items when boarding a plane?

Your go-to place when you need to chill?

Your preference when it comes to adult beverages?

The non-human movie character that you'll admit to having a crush on?

To shave or not to shave? Preferences? 

Who is an author that you would recommend to others? Why? 


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