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Over the best decade, a variety of dating sites have appeared on the market ranging in style, features, particular demographics, and even price point. Dating sites such as eHarmony and Match have provided singles with opportunities for relationships and have been successful in doing so, but their business model is not perceived well by many. This is due to their high price points that deem their service unaffordable to a variety of people. With online dating, there is not any guarantee of finding the perfect partner anyway so why spend your money on a game that is so unpredictable?

The truth is with the evolution of social apps over the last few years, dating platforms in particular are looking to rather reward engagement and retention, while also finding unique ways to monetize. This goes against past online dating models of trying to grab money up front. With Siren being one of the newer players on the market, we strive to create a solution that is not only engaging and will help singles find their match, but also one that is completely free to our users. Don’t associate cost with quality however – the Siren dating app has been expertly crafted, both in form and function to deliver the best experience to local singles.

Once you create an account, you’ll be faced with a dating platform that will appear both different and exciting. Siren’s model is all about connecting like-minded people in expected ways through conversation. Our Question of the Day feature allows users to reply to an interesting question that is asked daily. Can you relate to someone’s response to a particular question and want to learn more about them? Just ask to connect with them. Both genders are equally encouraged to make the first move, so stop worrying about social stigmas.  A plethora of dating sites just want an entrance fee and leave the ability to make a meaningful connection up to the users. At Siren, we believe the process of helping make that meaningful connection should come first and we won’t ask for anything in return.

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