Grace Kelly


Who is Grace Kelly?

Grace Kelly is a professional collaborator and bridge builder. She owns her own PR consulting business in Seattle and has a real knack for identifying common passions across communities. Recently, her work has expanded into the "Green Space" (aka cannabis industry). Stay tuned for her upcoming project- inspired by her SoCal roots, her love of the ocean and yoga.


More fun facts

  • One things Grace never runs out of: hot sauce.
  • She's featured in a cannabis branding book that'll be hot off the presses in 2016.
  • Her goal is to retire somewhere she can wear bikinis everyday.
  • She's getting better at wearing socks that match.
  • You'll always find a sharpie pen in her handbag.
  • "Lol" is not her language. "Haha" is more like it or "HAHAHA"


Grace Kelly's daily questions for Siren members

If you made a cocktail / mocktail for your mother, what would it be? 

List the condiments in your fridge.

What's the most ridiculous reason you've missed a flight / bought a plane ticket?

Take out, grocery, post office -- if you lived above an establishment, what would it ideally be? 

Freeform Friday: alright lovely beings of Siren, ask a question!

If you founded an island or city, what would it be named?

What's the only proof you need to know someone is smart?


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