Greg Lundgren

Founder of Vital 5 Productions

Who is Greg Lundgren?

Greg Lundgren is a work in progress. His interests encompass art, design, writing, death, sex and self-expression. He is the founder of Vital 5 Productions, Lundgren Monuments, Out of Sight and Artists For A Work Free America. He lives in downtown Seattle with a fish named Penelope.


More fun facts

  • Greg built a boat-airplane out of scrap wood when he was 3 years old. His parents took him to Lake Washington to launch it and it quickly sank.
  • Greg has an eel named Penelope that he suspects is eating his other fish.
  • Greg self-published a book of poetry called Big Boobs and a Nose Job when he was 20.
  • Greg had a nervous breakdown in college and dropped out of the school of aerospace engineering at USC. For 3 years he couldn't go into a large store, theatre or travel by plane.
  • Greg has designed and built headstones for over a hundred people who died under the age of 21.
  • For years Greg wrote to Madonna, Dennis Hopper and Timothy Leary at their personal residences. They never wrote back.
  • Greg chased a lover through the woods with a ski mask on and a backpack full of rope.
  • The first art exhibit Greg curated was called 5 artists, 4 murders, 3 clowns, 2 dominatrix and 1 bartender.


Greg Lundgren's daily questions for Siren members

You are alone in the woods and an alien spaceship lands next to your tent. They ask you to join them on a great adventure. What do you say?

A rich weirdo offers to pay you a million dollars to dump a barrel of crude oil into the ocean. No one will ever find out. Do you do it?

Someone you love is terminally ill and in a lot of pain. If they asked, would you be able to help them end their life?

Would you consider dating someone who was devoutly religious?

Things are going great on a date. After dinner you head back to your place and they ask you to put on some romantic music. What do you play?

A person you've been dating invites you to their home for the first time. One of their belongings is a total deal breaker. What is it?

On a walk along the coastline, you find a plastic bag containing 10 million dollars. What do you do? Call the police? Keep it?


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