Haleem & Maxwell of 8BitHistory.org


Who are Haleem & Maxwell?

Haleem & Maxwell believe in the 'why not' moments. They are creative hustlers who believe games are an approachable medium to communicate the important social issues of our time in a way that is compelling, engaging, and fun- its interactive art!


More fun facts

  • Haleem and Maxwell are undercover tennis pros.
  • They are connoisseurs of quality gaming content as well as ginger beers.
  • In the 4th grade, Haleem became a heralded water purification innovator.
  • They believe comedy is the best formula for truth.
  • Maxwell will probably throw Haleem a surprise birthday party at Whole Foods.
  • They like to bbq on rooftops, but i'td be better if there was a pool up there too.


Haleem & Maxwell's daily questions for Siren members

What's the best way to prepare an onion?

What city is most underrated, in your opinion?

Is there a such thing as grocery store etiquette?

Whats your preferred way to travel? Planes, trains, or automobiles?

Can a sequel ever be better than its predecessor?

The best midnight snack is....

A snap decision that didn't turn out so well...

The last meal you cooked and felt proud of was...


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