Hollis of The Flavr Blue



Who is Hollis?

Hollis is the lead singer of the Seattle trio The Flavr Blue, is a frequent collaborator with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, and splits time between Los Angeles and Seattle. She loves to write, eat delicious food (noodles of any sort are her weakness), make cool ish with her friends, sink her eyes into a delicious novel, and scheme about a brighter tomorrow.


More fun facts

  • Totally cool with spiders, totally sketched out by raccoons.
  • Know Celine Dion's discography far better than one might believe.
  • Parents walked across the Golden Gate Bridge for its 50th anniversary three days before I was born... that was the day the bridge flattened.
  • 99.9% chance that I will never skydive. Or live on a submarine. Or go to space even if it were free.
  • Walks irritatingly fast to compensate for inability to prioritize regular exercise.


Hollis's daily questions for Siren members

You have to live in five different cities in the next five years. Which are they? 

Which dead author would you want to take to dinner?

Where's the best place to go on a date that's free.99?

Who's the most badass woman in your life?

What cocktail best describes your personality?

If you could wipe one vegetable from the face of the earth, which would it be? 

What's your "formal": black tie, Canadian tux, or tuxedo t-shirt?


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