James Oliver Jr.

Author and CEO

Who is James Oliver Jr?

James Oliver, Jr. is co-founder of the world’s cutest twins, and CEO of WeMontage.com, the world’s only website that lets you turn your fave photos into a large custom collage, on removable wallpaper. James is also a parent entrepreneur advocate via his blog at www.treplifedad.com, an alum of the tech startup accelerator, gener8tor.com, and is a contributing author for SheKnows media and GoDaddy’s small business blog, The Garage.


More fun facts

  • James loves to play golf, though golf doesn’t love him back.
  • James used to be an avid salsa dancer.
  • James used to be a conversational Spanish speaker.
  • James lived in Barcelona for three months while completing his MBA.
  • James is the primary cook for his family.
  • James is a work-at-home dad.
  • James is a wine and cocktail snob.


James Oliver Jr's daily questions for Siren members

How do you feel about kids?

If you could blow up one of your photos to life-sized, which would it be?

What is one of the fun things about the house you grew up in? 

What's a great book to give as a gift?

What is one of the fun things about the house you grew up in? 

What's your most used emoji and what does it say to you?

Describe what you display on your walls.

What's your favorite room in your home?


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