James Rogers


Who is James Rogers?

I'm a trial lawyer, who does civil litigation; primarily serious injury. A native of Seattle, I have two daughters, and live on Queen Anne.


More fun facts

  • I wrote the book and lyrics to a musical about a trial, called "Twelve." It was produced twice.
  • I am running the Seattle Half Marathon on Nov. 30th
  • My fifth.
  • I like to cook.
  • I would like to have a small apartment in Manhattan.
  • I commented on legal issues on NPR's Morning Edition once a month for a year with Bob Edwards, in 1981.
  • Don't know what I'd do without The New York Times, Scott Simon on Saturday's Weekend Edition on NPR, The Stranger, and KEXP.
  • I still miss Raison d'Etre.


James Rogers' daily questions for Siren members

Smartphones haven't been invented yet. Describe your day. 

What types of movies are you most drawn to? 

What object acquired recently made you happy? 


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