Jared Britt & Christopher Pfleifle


Who are Jared Britt & Christopher Pfleifle?

Jared Britt and Christopher Pfeifle have been cracking each other up for fifteen years. 6 years ago they started The Next Episode Podcast where they interview artists and weirdos while sitting waist deep in the Duwamish.


More fun facts

  • Chris and Jared played in the criminally under-appreciated band, Maker.
  • They are deceptively fast.
  • People are known to get lost in Jared's piercing blue eyes.
  • Chris has been a licensed sailboat captain for the past fifteen years.
  • Their podcasts are recorded weekly aboard Chris' sailing vessel, Ronin.
  • Jared fronts the band Pilot to Bombadier. Jared fronts in general.
  • They host an annual van show in Georgetown, Van Haven.


Jared Britt & Christopher Pfleifle's daily questions for Siren members

Can a remake ever be more compelling than the original? 

Where is your favorite place to be in a storm?

Have you ever learned a skill while dreaming? What was it?

What song or piece of art can make you cry?

What makes you good for espionage?

Chris has selected you to crew his 6-month sail in the Pacific Ocean. How do you pass the time?

What animal would you most likely ride into battle?


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