Jason Stratton

Executive Chef at Mamnoon

Who is Jason Stratton?

Jason was born and raised in Seattle. He studied poetry, printmaking and art and cultural history, especially the development of Romanticism, Decadence and the rise of the avant-garde in Europe. He cooked at several classic Seattle restaurants before taking over as chef at Spinasse where he was selected as one of Food and Wine Magazine's Best New Chef in 2010. He is a contestant on the current season of Top Chef.


More fun facts

  • He was raised in a trailer park on Aurora Avenue.
  • Jason once filled a book full of the same line handwritten over and over, Jack Nicholson in the Shining style.
  • Jason has a morbid fascination with deer and their hooves.
  • Jason does not have a driver's license and never has.
  • Jason finds bananas loathsome, but is okay with artificial banana flavor.


Jason Stratton's daily questions for Siren users

What is the one dish that you make that you are most proud of?

Which of the Muppets most closely resembles you in personality? 

What is the ugliest piece of clothing that you regularly wear out in public? Why do you love it?

Which classic American film are you surprised that you've never seen all the way through and why haven't you?

What are the five things that you always have stocked in your refrigerator or pantry? 

What is the best non-touristy thing you insist on showing people when visiting your town for the first time?


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