Jeff Reifman


Who is Jeff Reifman?

Jeff's a radical lefty yogi snowboarder who writes about technology, politics and culture. He's a digital nomad with roots in Seattle; the road calls...


More fun facts

  • He insists he lost his virginity on April Fool's Eve!
  • He frowns at the gap of humanity in your carnivorous diet. Read that how you may
  • He has yet to piss off Starbucks in his writing, but he's working on it.
  • He started Seattle's first not for profit coffeehouse.
  • He occasionally teaches yoga to teens facing life challenges.
  • He'd planned to be a harness racehorse driver growing up.
  • In elementary school, he was once Batman.
  • There's a plaque with Jeff's real life identity on it near 44.365891, -121.137377.


Jeff Reifman's daily questions for Siren members

Followed by his personal answers! 

Describe a turning point in your life.

My brain tumor diagnosis. I feel more empathy for everyone almost immediately upon encountering them.

Which admired public figure would you drop your current life to work for?

Bernie Sanders

What product could you make better if you were in charge and how?

T-Mobile Customer Support

You've been granted dual citizenship! Which country did you request it from?



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