Jessica Hu

Who is Jessica Hu?

As long as she is on this Earth, Jessica Hu strives above all to do what she loves. When she’s not dancing, you can find her connecting with other taste-makers in the community to build and create dope gatherings. You can explore her work, a combination of her love for fashion, dance, music, and visual art at


More fun facts

  • Jessica is the co-founder of an all female hip hop dance group called The CRUW. They all met at UW (hence the "uw"). Founded 3 years ago, they have opened for artists like T-pain, at Bumbershoot, and at many local venues and festivals.
  • She is the founder and creator of Fresh Fit Fashion Show, an annual street wear event showcasing upcoming local clothing brands.
  • One of her favorite festival moments was dancing on stage with M.I.A at Sasquatch in 2014.
  • When she was 13, she won her first dance scholarship at Paula Abdul's company, Co. Dance!
  • She cant resist anything that is fluffy and cute.
  • She has a weakness to hyphy music.
  • She has a crossed eyed cat named meow meow.
  • The robot is her favorite awkward move she resorts to when dancing at the club.


Jessica Hu's daily questions for Siren members

What surprise would you like to find on your doorstep?

What is your hangover cure? 

Have you met anyone with your name? What were they like?

What's the last thing you searched on Youtube?

If you could create your own ice cream flavor, what would it be? List ingredients.

If you were stuck in a video game forever, what video game would it be?


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