Jonathan Zwickel


Who is Jonathan Zwickel?

Jonathan Zwickel is a journalist, author and dog dad living in Capitol Hill, Seattle.  


More fun facts

  • While in college at UCLA, Jonathan appeared on the MTV game show Smashed.
  • Jonathan's first published book was an unauthorized biography of the Beastie Boys.
  • Jonathan's dog Edison enjoys kale.   


Jonathan Zwickel's daily questions for Siren members

What's your favorite destination, local or not, that you will always recommend to others? 

What's a particularly unique trait that you find attractive in others?

How would you describe your style of driving?

What do you do when you have the hiccups?

What sound do you find most pleasing of all?

Describe a childhood possession that you've carried into adulthood. 

Which crowds did you run with in high school?  


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