Josh Rawlings


Who is Josh Rawlings?

Josh Rawlings is a GRAMMY® Nominated Pianist most known for his piano playing on Macklemore’s album The Heist and his playing with local heavy-weight Jazz group Industrial Revelation. When he’s not touring, in-studio or performing on stage, Josh spends time with his wife and 2 kids in Seattle and does Web Consulting, Graphic Design & Information Architecture on the side. He’s a tech/jazz/Dad and fits in in almost any Seattle situation!


More fun facts

  • Josh Rawlings used to play piano with a cut out picture of Billy Joel on his keyboard...he wanted to start the "fire"
  • That piano riff you've heard a thousand times on the song "Same Love"...that was Josh Rawlings playing an old upright piano for Macklemore.
  • Josh was a big Ninja Turtle lover and spent one Summer picking up trash in his childhood neighborhood to earn money to get the Technodrome!
  • Believe it or not, Josh's fav screen name is SeattleSurpher. He actually surfs in the great white/freezing cold waters of the NW. Try it!
  • Josh has a pretty long beard right now...his Mom doesn't like it, but the wifey approves...guess it also helps that his wife is his barber.
  • When Josh was a kid he loved Super Mario Bros like most kids from he 80's, but he took it further by making Jazz arrangements from the game.
  • Josh Rawlings is an ordained minster of the Universal Life Church- He married a couple friends once...maybe he can marry you and yours!


Josh Rawlings' daily questions for Siren users

What word are you using too much lately?

What should people experience for real and not just on a screen? 

Top three things on your to-do list today!

How do you think money reflects a person's values?

What was kind of weird (or not) about your week? 

How do you define romance? 

What should be an olympic sport? 


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