Karleen IIagan  


Who is Karleen IIagan?

In November of 2013, Karleen Ilagan took over ownership of locally owned boutique Moksha on the "ave" in the University District with her bestfriend/love, Robin Guilfoil. Together they shared a vision and saw it as their mission to cultivate Seattle's creative culture through art, music, & fashion-all under the roof of Moksha.


More fun facts

  • Karleen and Robin met in junior high.
  • She has been practicing/teaching yoga for almost 6 years now.
  • Karleen sneezes in threes...at least.
  • She has never seen any of the Star Wars movies.
  • Aleph Geddis was 28 when he and his partner started Moksha, Karleen and Robin were 28 when they took over ownership! They celebrated this fun fact at Moksha's first fashion show themed "Saturn's Return". All three are Libras.


Karleen IIagan's daily questions for Siren members

What word sounds dirty...but isn't?

What is a fashion trend you used to wear in the past that you would be embarrassed to wear now? 

If you could only eat one ethnicity of food for the rest of your life what would it be?

Why do you do what you do?

What simple thing are you unable to do? 

What contest would you have a good chance at winning? 

What is something you have a hard time consuming just one of? 


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