Katie Krupin


Who is Katie Krupin?

Katie lives on curiosity, musicality, and anything that infuses the world with a little more mirth. In the daytime hours she works on convincing kids that learning and nerdiness are cool; by night she sings, writes, and studies environmental philosophy.


More fun facts

  • She went to space camp in Huntsville, Alabama. Twice.
  • She listens to the podcast “On Being” religiously.
  • She sings in a kickass choral ensemble in Seattle called The Esoterics.
  • Remember that space camp fact? She also owns a ginormous telescope.
  • She spent a large portion of her undergraduate career studying neuroscience. Because the brain is just so damn amazing.
  • She has a special fondness for sea slugs. Especially the glaucus atlanticus (YouTube that shit. You will not be disappointed).


Katie Krupin's daily questions for Siren members

Describe your perfect road trip. 

Are you a typical only/oldest/middle/youngest child? How so?

Did you know today is Earth Hour? Tell us your favorite tip to conserve energy! 

Smile at the next stranger you see. Tell us what happened :) 

Describe something interesting that's hanging on your wall. 

Have you become more or less curious as an adult? Tell us a wonder.

How quickly could you drop everything for a free trip around the world?

What would Cascadia need to be even more perfect?

What book do you keep meaning to read?


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