Katrina Hess


Who is Katrina Hess?

Katrina Hess is Siren's COO, Design Director, Tech Support, and newly... Matchmaker! hehe


More fun facts

  • Katrina belongs to a 34-week bowling league and rarely misses a game. Her bowling ball is named Katniss.
  • Seattle is the first place that has felt like home. She kicks it in Georgetown.
  • She lives in and manifests her daydreams.
  • Team Siren refers to her as Mama Hess.
  • She grew up in 3 cultures and finally accepts that her non-roots are her roots.
  • She'll spend the rest of her life learning Bach's Cello Suites.


Katrina Hess' daily questions for Siren members

What's your most outrageous impulse buy?

What's interesting about your heritage?

Tell me a daydream.

Recap 2014... in haiku form! 5, 7, 5

What's your next adventure?

What inspired you today?

What do you take for granted that you'd like to appreciate more?

What's so wrong, it's right?


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