Kelton Sears


Who is Kelton Sears?

Kelton Sears is the music editor at Seattle Weekly, a PNW correspondent for VICE, a former member of the Seattle "treepunk" band Kithkin, and an animator. He likes alt-comix, trees, and the occult.


More fun facts

  • Kelton ran varsity track and cross country for eight years through middle school, high school, and college, and in doing so, developed a keen affinity for men's tights.
  • Kelton's band Kithkin has performed at Sasquatch, Bumbershoot, and Iceland Airwaves. One time, they held a sold-out ritual performance in an old-growth forest under a bridge.
  • In order to get hired at Seattle Weekly, Kelton pitched a feature story about an enormous abandoned flour mill that had become a haven for West Coast graffiti artists and vagrant copper thieves, and almost got arrested in the reporting process.
  • Kelton is devoted to holding the GIF up as a viable journalistic and artistic medium, and once put on a GIF gallery show with two fellow Seattle-based GIF artists. It was entitled G.I.F., short for GIF Interaction Fest.


Kelton Sear's daily questions for Siren members

If you could grant life to one inanimate object in your home, which would you chose? Why? 

What's the worst song you've ever heard? Why does it bother you so much?

You suddenly decide to become a graffiti artist. Describe what your tag is going to be. 

What's objectively one of the weirdest records you've ever gotten into? What does it sound like? 

You decide to start a punk or a metal band. What do you name it? 

Which Dungeons & Dragons archetype do you feel most kinship with (druid, wizard, fighter, thief, ranger, etc.)? 

What's your favorite animated work, be it film, television series, web-based or otherwise?

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