Keri Scherbring

Artist and Salon Owner


Who is Keri Scherbring?

Keri is a multidisciplinary visual artist and owner of the Seattle salon Taffy. In addition to using hair as an art form through her complex color combinations, she is an installation artist, performance artist and creates colorful, cartoonish paintings which have been featured in several Seattle galleries. When meeting dogs, she reacts like she is meeting a Backstreet Boy in 1998. Check out her Instagram: @Hairlizard

More fun facts

  • When I was 13 I had an online relationship with a boy (also 13) on LiveJournal and he stole his mom's van to drive across the country to come see me IRL, but didn’t make it very far before the cops pulled him over. I got grounded.
  • I had two hamsters in college who’s names were Rita Lolita Esmeralda Fajita and Penelope Pineapple Pizza.
  • I have been to many anime and comic conventions and cosplayed several times.
  • I was adopted and am very happy about it.
  • I started doing hair as a “back up plan” while I found my “true calling” and 8 years later I own my own salon and love making people feel good about themselves.
  • I’ve been in several bowling leagues.
  • I tried out for an MTV show one time and made it through 3 rounds of interviews and then they cancelled the show.

Keri Scherbring's daily questions for Siren members

What is the weirdest thing you would do or have done with your hair?

If you were a super hero or villain and had a symbol to represent you, what would it be and why?

Do you think you're artistic and if so what is your art?

What is your main source of news and information and do you keep up with current news?

If you could switch careers right now and you instantly obtained the skill set needed to do whatever you wanted, what would you be?

When you travel do you prefer to plan everything or go with the flow?

What award (real or unreal) would you be most flattered to receive?


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