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Identifying yourself to others as one who is lesbian, gay, bisexual, or anything in between is a huge commitment. It’s also impressive because it allows you to express yourself for who you are and not necessarily be plagued of any social stigmas that others are afraid of. Showing that you are attracted to the same or more than one sex is liberating and can help you focus on finding the perfect partner, rather than being trapped in the closet with nobody to go to. The problem is that dating for the LGBTQ community can be tricky because it can be difficult to identify a potential partner’s sexuality without expressing your own sexuality first to them. There are exceptions to this rule, as some clues are linked to particular sexualities based on the way one dresses, talks, or the venues they go to.  For a lot of the time, however, it can be a guessing game.

Now, what if there was an online matchmaking community dedicated to help solve this problem? What if you could search for people who also share the same sexuality as you and even the same age? The truth is a lot of online matchmaking platforms have these particular features, so they’re not leaving anybody out who is not heterosexual. The issue though is that these platforms aren’t based on mutual interests, but more focused on the way one looks or how awesome somebody’s bio is. Dating apps especially have become known as de-humanizing, as more and more people find themselves ‘shopping for humans’ by swiping back and forth, rather than finding the perfect partner through a more meaningful way.

Users on Siren connect with each other through the process of facilitating conversation on the Question of the Day feature

Users on Siren connect with each other through the process of facilitating conversation on the Question of the Day feature

At Siren, we strive to eliminate this problem and popularize our own dating solution encouraging our users to be themselves, rather than sell themselves. Siren is an online dating app based around facilitating conversation and sparking mutual interests with others in unexpected ways. Once you log onto our app or web version, you’ll be presented with something entirely new and exciting. Our Question of the Day feature allows users to reply to an interesting question that is asked daily. Can you relate to someone’s response to a particular question and want to learn more about them? Just ask to connect with them. Siren is not only a LGTBTQ app, as we cater to heterosexuals as well, but we do allow our users to specify their sexuality so they see responses to only those they would potentially be interested in. With Siren, not only are we creating a less-awkward way to meet others in the LGBTQ community, but also doing so in a humanizing manner that allows you to start an initial conversation from the start. Meeting new people has never been easier and more fun.


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