Madeline Reddington


Who is Madeline Reddington

Madeline is a writer, yoga teacher and multidisciplinary artist who lives to explore the intersections of art, science and human behavior. She’s always building something.


More fun facts

  • Her most prized possessions are her carpentry/craft tools and musical instruments.
  • She once broke into her house using an altoid tin.
  • Madeline is very good at MacGyvering
  • She thinks all forms of cheese puffs should come with plastic gloves for eating.
  • Her dream job is voice actor/singer/songwriter/NPR host/science journalist/writer/industrial designer/actor/visual artist.
  • She wrote a biweekly column at SLOG called “The Science Today.”She’s also written for Arcade Magazine, Metro New York, Performer Magazine, The Stranger, Frommer’s and more.
  • She could probably eat poke every day forever.


Madeline Reddington's daily questions for Siren members

What is your favorite tool of your trade or a passion? 

Retell your proudest MacGyver moment!

In what way are you stronger than you look?

Ok, fess up: what thing do you pretend to understand when you really donäó»t?

Whatäó»s the strangest tidbit of conversation you overheard this week?

What odd topic are you secretly an expert on from hours of late night web browsing?

What do you think is in The Rock's fanny pack?


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