Maggie Tweedy


Who is Maggie Tweedy?

Maggie Tweedy's current number-one-absolute mission above all is to steadily destroy all evil with dead-end benders and love broadcasters. You can find her wherever you find the lovely creative people of Seattle... shakin' things up.


More fun facts

  • Maggie's ring tone, also appropriate for her current life mission is the O'Jays, 'Lovetrain'.
  • For the majority of her childhood, she believed that the giant 'M' on the side of the mountain in Bozeman MT was a tribute to her.
  • No, sadly she's not related to Jeff Tweedy.
  • Maggie spent her middle school career playing viola, soccer, and building houses for the fairies in her backyard.
  • Her first crush was Savion Glover, the tap dancing genius in Sesame Street.
  • Recently, Maggie mistakenly ate a dog treat at Cafe Pettirosso while waiting for a seat. She vowed to never let herself get that hungry again in the presence of homemade hound cookies.
  • Maggie has spent over half her life honing her skills as a violist/violinist, playing different venues.


Maggie Tweedy's daily questions for Siren members

When has social media altered your life in a noticeably positive way?

Describe the most recent time you've experienced a Hi-Five kind of moment. 

What's the most successful surprise you've carried out?

Describe a conspiracy theory you know/wish is true.


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