Mary Jane Cha


Who is Mary Jane Cha?

Mary Jane lives in Seattle with her dog Daisy Stacy Tracy. She thrives on home cooked meals in the company of good friends and finesses the art of traveling on a dime while drinking the finest Rosé. She is a Nail Artist, High-End Bong seller and yes, that is really her name.


More fun facts

  • She won't eat chicken and eggs on the same plate.
  • She's painted lots of obscene images on finger nails.
  • Mary Jane changes the lyrics of songs to her dog Daisy's name "There goes my Daisy, ooh dog look at you".
  • The last time she had a romantic encounter was when she moonwalked backward into a sandwich board, while pointing her fingers his direction. No more moonwalking!
  • She loves riding bikes, but she is not a 'bike person' she rides on the sidewalk with a helmet and a basket.
  • If she ever gets married, she wants Taco Time to cater the wedding!
  • She's going to Iceland next week to look for elves and get weird.
  • She goes roller skating once or twice a week, and can't wait for outdoor summer skating!
  • She picks up dead bees on the ground because it makes her sad to see them laying there... 


Mary Jane Cha's daily questions for Siren members

Describe the last time your body surprised you.

Pick three musicians- 1 night- 1 venue.

Something that makes you roll your eyes...


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