Michelle Dunn Marsh


Who is Michelle Dunn Marsh?

Michelle Dunn Marsh is an arts activist and book lover.


More fun facts

  • I occasionally smoke cigars
  • I sometimes drive a 1950 Studebaker
  • I met Lawrence Ferlinghetti (and I'm still swooning)
  • I recently learned how to float
  • My ring fingers are double jointed
  • I have attended services in a pub, a mosque, a synagogue, a field, a church, a temple, a gurdwara, a beach, an ashram, and a museum—all of which can be for me holy places
  • I love the smell of WD40


Michelle Dunn Marsh's daily questions for Siren members

If any artist could make your portrait who would you choose?

What made you laugh today?

What's one photograph or image you look at daily?

What five words/markers would you use to describe yourself?

If you were given and had to spend $1,000 in the next 24 hours, how would you do so?

What is your favorite element of the Northwest landscape?

What song stops you in your tracks and compels you to sing along?


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