Natasha Marin



Who is Natasha Marin?

Natasha Marin is a grown-ass, fully-functioning woman. She has accomplished more than yo daddy has with less than half the privilege. She will be checking Other and filling in "Fuck Yo Couch Black" as opposed to "African American" in 2016. Follow her on Twitter @mikokuro

More fun facts

  • Natasha can say "I want your body" in over 30 languages. It often translates to "corpse" which is extra creepy.
  • Once upon a time, Natasha's "goth name" was Salvadore
  • Natasha is really looking forward to the movie "Keanu."
  • Natasha's kids have "Matrix names."
  • Natasha can get turned on by a confident brush stroke or an expansive vocabulary. #artnerd #wordnerd
  • Natasha doesn't believe men and women are equal. Biologically, women are clearly superior.
  • Once upon a time, Natasha was a classically trained ballet dancer.
  • [bonus] Once upon a time, Natasha played the violin. 

Natasha Marin's daily questions for Siren members

Who is your literary crush, dead or alive?

What's your favorite non-English word or phrase?

Describe your personal style with 5 words.

What is a privilege you'd be willing to give up?

What's your motivation for the work you do? Money? Respect? Something else?

Are you proud to be an American?

How do you feel about marijuana? Do you have a fave strain? (Mine is Girl Scout Cookies.)


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