Nina Gruber


Who is Nina Gruber?

Nina is a nomad and constant trekker, hiker, biker, farmer, and baker with an aim to apply these passions to any place she lands. A newcomer to the Pacific Northwest, she has found her nook working with farmers markets, restaurants, conservation organizations, and urban farms.


More fun facts

  • Doesn’t like hoppy beers (PNW blaspheme).
  • She’s not a very good dancer, but has won numerous (informal) dance competitions.
  • Has hiked to the top of mountains on four separate continents, currently working on the other three.
  • She's a vegetarian foodie. Yes, we exist and yes, we prosper.
  • Doesn’t own a raincoat. Checks missed connections religiously.


Nina Gruber's daily questions for Siren users

You're at a record store--how do you find music?  Straight to your goal or do you filter through the stands?

When you have been working for long periods of time, how does your fatigue manifest?

What languages have you learned or want to learn? 

What's your own food snobbery all about? 

You're a children's book author: What and how is the moral portrayed?

How long can you be on a trip before missing home?

Breakfast time: Sweet or savory and why?

What's the first things you talk about with a long-lost friend?


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