Siren, a Seattle-based app centered around more dynamic dating profiles, is focused on challenging not just case-by-case issues but also the culture of dating apps as a whole.

What it's like to use Siren, the new dating app that aims to be classier than Tinder

"To me, the idea of communicating with daily interactions idea is a little closer to how people connect in real life compared to swiping through photos."

StartUp | S4 | Episode 9: A Coffee Date

Gary and the crew head to Seattle, Washington to talk with Suzie Lee, the creator of Siren, an online dating site that focuses on comfort, privacy and mutual respect.  

We Tried Out 28 Dating Apps So You Don't Have To

"Siren 'fights the swipe,' focusing on values such as comfort, respect, and privacy. And it’s unlike other dating app I’ve encountered."

#MoreThanMeat Takes On Tinder Objectification

"Siren, a dating app that launched in the fall of 2015, has pitted itself against Tinder with its new #MoreThanMeat campaign, which enables, as well as encourages, Tinder users to make a "MeatFace" with of their profile picture#MoreThanMeat Takes On Tinder Objectification."

If Tinder Makes You Feel Like a Piece of Meat, This Filter's Probably for You

"A dating app called Siren, which launched in the fall of 2015, is promoting downloads by pitting itself against apps like Tinder in a new campaign called #MoreThanMeat, which enables you to make a "MeatFace" out of your Tinder profile picture."

The Stranger Genius Who's Been Cast on PBS Reality TV

"Now the dating app that in itself is a little broadcast system for creative flirting has earned a place on the PBS show Start Up, which according to producer Jenny Feterovich has about 18 million viewers per season"

Seattle Dating App Revolutionaries Reel in $500K in Funding

"Artist and Stranger Genius Award recipient Susie Lee founded the Seattle-based company in 2014, which recently brought in $500,000 in seed funding. The money will go toward further developing the company's platform."

Seattle small-business owners to star on PBS docuseries ‘Start Up’

"She chose Siren because of its unique profile: One of the few female-run dating apps, it relies less on visual "hot or not" - style swiping like Tinder."

Creepy guys inspire Seattle women to make a new dating app

"It’s a far more thoughtful approach than the ones effectively a “hot or not” game"



You can now officially transform into Tinder meat

"Creative studio HelloVelocity and dating app Siren, which prides itself on user privacy and "mutual respect," have collaborated on MeatFace to encourage people to think more deeply about the mechanisms of dating apps and how they shape our perceptions of others."

Dating app Siren wants to get its users talking, not swiping

"It was named App of the Year by GeekWire in 2015, and with a recent round of $500,000 in seed funding, Siren is putting out a call to female daters in Seattle (and soon elsewhere) to look beyond the typical Tinder and OkCupid."

Dating app Siren, where women make first move, lands $500k in funding, providing alternative to Tinder, Match and others

"The  dating app, which won App of the Year at last year’s GeekWire Awards, will use the money to further develop their platform and user base, working 'to achieve quality social interactions and positive network effect,' Lee said." 

Better than Tinder: ‘Siren’ dating app empowers women with ‘constructive flirting’

"With the way profiles are built organically, and how the power of matching is given to women, Siren focuses on two dominant themes: Fun and safety."

GeekWire Radio: The story of Siren, the new dating app that empowers women

"Siren improves the dating experience by empowering women to decide who can see their profile and interact with them."

Dating app Siren partners with Durex to improve your sex life

"Siren, which connects users via a Question of the Day and allows women to choose who sees their profile, has entered a deal with Durex to bring the sexy to the digital world."

Comfort, Privacy & Mutual Respect: How Siren is Humanizing Online Dating

"On Siren, it's all about connecting you with great people through genuine conversation  not addictive and mindless swiping. To that end, they've created a fun and secure environment where you can be your real self and let romantic chemistry with a match unfold in a more organic way – just like it would happen in person."

Can Women Fix Dating?

"I think men don't want to judge just on a photo. I believe that women don't want to sit there like objects on a pedestal. We have agency; we have a voice," says Lee. "I really believe there are good men out there who want something better than a swipe."

Art and Tech: The Unique Career of CEO Susie Lee

"Lee’s road to her current position — CEO and founder of Siren, a dating app that won Geekwire’s 2015 App of the Year — has been full of twists. But in recounting the path behind her and the work ahead, she hopes to make a case for more diversity in the tech world, not only in terms of gender and race, but also background and personality."

How Female-Founded Siren Is Changing The Online Dating Game

"Siren, simply and ingeniously, allows women to control their own visibility. Users choose who gets to see their photos and when, exactly, they reveal them."

Forget Tinder - 3 New Revolutionary Ways to Find a Date

"Siren strives to be as inclusive as possible, and has carefully crafted a platform that is open to users of all ages, gender affiliations, and sexual orientations. Dating apps make you sell yourself. Siren lets you be yourself."

Leap Year Sexism: Should Women 'Run the Show' in Dating? Apps put it to the test

"At Siren, an app launched in 2014, the all-female leadership team is unapologetic about their belief that women date differently: "personality first," for both safety and compatibility."

Meet the Women Entrepreneurs Trying To Revolutionize How We Have Sex

"[Susie Lee] is tired of the subtle sexism that has slowly been grinding away at her will to keep fighting for what she sees as a social good: changing the way that men and women meet and date."

The Meatface Campaign Is Turning Online Dating Into A Visual Meat Market

"If you've ever referred to a swipe-based dating app as a "meat market," you're going to love the MeatFace campaign. It's a collaboration from the dating app Siren and the creative studio Hello Velocity that lets users create pictures with slabs of meat covering their faces."

Dating App Siren Reports Zero Harassing Messages — And Here's Why

"What would you say if I told you that there was a dating app that has had zero online harassers in the year that it’s been up and running? You read that right: No reports of offensive approaches, no unwanted dick pics, and no nasty, misogynist comments. You’d probably think I was living in some kind of dream land, right? You’re thinking, “Go back to your fairy tale, Cinderella! Everyone knows that the cost of admission for online dating is being ambushed by pictures of stranger’s penises!” But it’s not a fairy tale. There really is a dating app that has managed to create an environment where interactions are respectful and you get to the actual dating part ASAP. It’s called Siren, and you’re going to love it."

Siren Dating App Gives Women More Control Over Their Online Identities

"They encourage women to make the first move, saying that by doing this, men receive a more valid signal."

For Pick-up Artists, Women Are Targets

"Much like pick-up artistry’s cynical legerdemain, traditional models of online dating exploit the masculine duty to barrel through women’s boundaries, as well as the potent cultural conditioning that trains women to be nice, pliant, make ourselves available and be grateful for male attention. Siren, on the other hand, attempts to mirror the way that attraction generally works in real life: one person subtly signals interest, via eye contact or a smile, and the other person, feeling safe and emboldened by those signals, initiates a conversation."

Siren dating app lets women call the shots

"The visibility functionality is like a real-world interaction in which a woman makes eye contact or smiles as a signal of interest, cheering good men on in as many ways as we can."

Dating App Created by Female Artists Aims to Discourage Harassing Guys

"Artists often deal with visibility and lack thereof, and one of Siren's main selling points is that it aims to discourage the creepy, harassing guys who plague other dating sites and apps by allowing women to remain invisible until they decide they like a guy."

Artist-Founded Siren is the Women-Friendly Dating App of the Future

"To Susie Lee, founder of Siren, most dating sites and apps are akin to putting a woman up on a stool in a bar with a sign stating that every guy there is allowed to hit on her. “In what circumstances in real life does that ever happen?” she says. “Zero. But you’ve created a business where you think that’s the model that is going to work.”

Seattle’s Top Ten Startup Founders Over 40

"Geekwire’s app of the year in 2015, Siren is a dating app designed to “humanize” the online dating space and to take on alienation and objectification users may experience on Twitter."

20 Seattle Startups You Need to Pay Attention to

"On Siren, women share their profile photo only with men they choose. This small step gives needed privacy and eliminates objectification."

The Makers Podcast: Episode 21

"Susie Lee is an artist, Katrina Hess is a designer, and together they are the co-founders of Siren, a new dating app that introduces a unique and engaging platform that helps build community while empowering its users. We talk about the nature of online dating and the reasons these two decided to try to create something different. And a whole bunch of other stuff, you know the drill by now."

Local Dating App Wins Geekwire's 'App Of The Year'

"Siren took home 'App of the Year', beating out other finalists Alaska Airlines, Dwellable, OfferUp and Starbucks."

Siren promises a better dating experience

"I love that underdog feeling, its like saying 'yeah you think its all been done'  but theres always a better way to do it."

Seattle Weekly.jpeg

Art Vs. Tech Money: In Which Two Very Different Seattles Quit Shouting, Sit Down, and Talk

 "...that’s what interesting artists do. They just shape something. When art is truly interesting, it’s not an object."

Siren Dating App Keeps the Lady in Command!

"Siren doesn’t work like other typical apps. Genuine answers to the queries will help create a genuine profile of yours – a profile of the real you!"

This dating app will stop creeps from messaging you.

"If you’re into online dating, but not keen on being harassed by creeps, you NEED this app in your life. "

'Siren' dating app wants to keep women safe from creeps

"Siren gives ladies the control here and base matches on real-world personality, not a dry series of surveys."

Being A Woman Online; Taking Control of Online Dating

"A dating app that avoided the "shopping mentality" prevalent on other apps."

Seattle-made app wants to 'charm your pants off'

"It's a slower, more natural way of meeting people better, and so far there's already been a number of connections."

Hallelujah! Feminist Dating App Siren Hands the Reins to Women

"Swapping out sketchy dudes and am-I-back-in-school questionnaires for more substantive communication that doesn't emphasize appearance nor revolve around appendage length."

Goodbye Creepy Pick Up Lines, Hello Siren

"Most dating apps are essentially the same thing. Siren is completely unique."

New Siren app takes a feminist spin on online dating and puts women in control

"creating an online dating space where women can feel safe and comfortable."


Is It Possible To Build A Creep-Free Dating App? The Founder Of Siren Thinks So

"If you could design the ideal dating app, what would it look like? Enter Siren."