Reina Acab


Who is Reina Acab?

Reina is an apparel designer from Seattle. She is the creator of même.--a modern children's label that focuses on neutrality and longevity in garments for children ages 0-10.


More fun facts

  • Her champion breakfast is 2 pieces of crispy bacon and a cup of drip coffee.
  • When she's bored or need a distraction, she'll look at different swatches of black fabric to see if she can tell the differences in hues.
  • People watching is her forte.
  • Her friends and family have dubbed her the "Sauce Queen" (If ever you decided to eat at McDonalds, mix their tartar sauce with their sweet and sour sauce... Thank her later).
  • She's recently become addicted to podcasts and has blown through the following catalogs in their entirety
  • Radiolab, StartUp, and Hack the Entrepreneur.


Reina Acab's daily questions for Siren members

What would be a great name for a new toothpaste?

What is 'not something you see every day'?

Ideally, the view from your bedroom window is of what?

In what way are you 'behind the times'? 

What is something you might only need to buy one of for the rest of your life?

What gets better with age?

What is music to your ears?


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