Robin Held + Korby Sears


Who are Robin Held and Korby Sears?

Korby Sears is a creative polymath as a game producer, gameplay designer, composer / sound designer, and animator. Robin Held is an arts consultant, creative strategist, executive leader, cultural entrepreneur, and SIREN advisor. Former executive director of REEL GRRLS and chief curator of the Frye Art Museum, she was included in Seattle Magazine's “Most Influential People in Seattle, 2012."


More fun facts

  • Robin’s most-admired curatorial project is the Golden Record (1977), included on the unmanned space probes Voyager 1 and Voyager 2. In 2014, Voyager 1 left our solar bubble and entered interstellar space.
  • Korby once sold an original television game show concept to Sony’s GAME SHOW NETWORK.
  • Robin has been in the New York Times….twice.
  • Robin curated the first museum exhibition registered with the National Institutes of Health as laboratory activity.
  • Korby currently has a band called The Subpoenaed Lemur Vocoder Orchestra
  • Robin was interviewed by the FBI.
  • Korby once shook Barack Obama’s hand—a year before he was president.
  • Korby and Robin met on Facebook, and became close practicing tango together in the courtyard of St. James Cathedral.


Robin Held and Korby Sears' daily questions for Siren members

Followed by Korby's personal answers!

What is a well-designed object you appreciate every day, and why?

The Asian soup spoon (duck spoon), efficient and beautifully designed!

What is one thing you do to make these shorter, dark fall days seem longer and brighter?

Bring out candles, especially the battery-powered ones on a timer, timed to welcome me home

If you had a prehensile tail, how would you use it?

I am fascinated by sloths, and would LOVE to experience using my tail like they do to swing tree-to-tree high above the ground and closer to the moon

What is one of your favorite unusual words?

Petrichor--the smell of earth after a rain shower

Where will your wanderlust take you next?

My tango is a bit rusty but I would like to dance again in Buenos Aires

What fortune cookie fortune would you hope to get?

A dream you have will come true.


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