Singer, Songwriter & Producer


Who is SassyBlack? 

SassyBlack is a psychedelic electronic soul songstress & producer from Seattle, Washington. She has been traveling the world singing and DJing since 2008. With a foundation in jazz, her energy is unlike any other, providing a deep unique concert experience.


More fun facts

  • I know how to knit 
  • Worked w/ Martin Scorsese, Lynn Shelton & Bartlett Sher
  • Was homeschooled 
  • Played ultimate frisbee & volleyball (still low-key killing it at these sports)
  • Studied Shakespeare in middle school as part of the Young Shakespeare Workshop
  • I've been acting longer than I have been singing
  • I grew up in Hawaii until I was 10 


SassyBlack's daily questions for Siren members

You're a barista with a crush on a coworker. An old acquaintance comes in & tells an awful story about you. What do you do to their coffee?

A date drops a slur that doesn't pertain to them but is offensive to you and casually continues on as if nothing happened. How do you react? 

What's the best concert you have been to?

How does science fiction impact your life?

What's your favorite 90's sitcom & which one of your characters from that show do you most identify with?

What are three of your favorite albums?

What do you think about space?


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