Scot Porter

Musician and Artist


Who is Scot Porter?

Scot Porter is also known as Vox Mod, creator of electronic music and experimental visuals. His new album 'Pure Consciousness' (releasing June 15th) explores futurism and human experience.


More fun facts

  • Made out of pizza
  • Had vocal nodules for 3 years, voice sounded like sandpaper
  • Born in Anchorage, AK
  • Drummer for a band called Lazer Kitty
  • Haven't drank alcohol in almost a year
  • Currently live in a trailer on a hilltop
  • First instrument was the violin
  • Lived in Prague for 4 months
  • Drummed for many Seattle bands/artists including Exohxo, Alicia Amiri, Sports, Nazca Lines
  • Really really love animation, almost more than pizza


Scot Porter's daily questions for Siren members

You found a magic lamp... What are your 3 wishes?

What song would you choose that would play over loudspeaker every time you entered a public building?

What's a quote you like or identify with?

Describe your favorite spot in a favorite city.

What is the oldest memory you can recall?

Do you volunteer or support a project in your community? If so, what?

Who is a public figure living today that you admire and why?


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