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Research has shown that loneliness has doubled over the last decade and that is even more prevalent in the senior communities. The truth is that people are living longer than ever before and are in need of human contact and relationships even after divorce or death of a spouse or long term relationship. Dating and romance has substantially evolved in the past decade and seniors are now flocking to technology for first time introductions to possible future partners. Technology can be tricky though, especially for a generation that did not grow up under the age of the personal computer or smartphone. In the online dating realm, being asked to ‘create a profile’ or ‘write a description about yourself’ can easily come off as being strange and unusual, to someone who is so used to the idea of traditionally meeting people either through a venue, work, school, etc.


Some online dating tips Siren can give seniors is based around creating a great profile that will help attract the person you’re looking for. Photos are important because they help identify who you are, but don’t put too much of an emphasis on them because they aren’t the underlying factor in being successful in online dating. Just make sure you have at least three photos where you are completely identifiable in them and the lighting is good. Creating a description is important to, as it helps identify who a person is through their interests and possibly their tone. Descriptions should be short, normally around 1-2 sentences and explain possibly what you’re looking for, as well as a few things that interest you. Remember, this is not supposed to be an entire biography of your life, but rather an easy way for someone to grasp who one is and if you would make a good fit to the person who comes across your profile.

Users on Siren connect with each other through the process of facilitating conversation on the Question of the Day feature

Users on Siren connect with each other through the process of facilitating conversation on the Question of the Day feature

Siren itself is an online dating platform that focuses on building meaningful connections. Though user profiles are definitely existent on our platform, there is a lot less focus on the way one is perceived in their profile in comparison to how they express themselves. In Siren’s mobile app and web versions, the main focus is for our users to stop selling themselves through their profiles and start being themselves. Our Question of the Day feature allows users to reply to an interesting question that is asked daily. Can you relate to someone’s response to a particular question and want to learn more about them? Just ask to connect with them. Even though technology has made certain aspects of life more confusing, it has never been easier to meet a future partner online.

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